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On the day designated to honor the achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I decided to exercise my right to keep and bear arms by taking my Ruger Vaquero to the range.  Apparently, I was not alone in that regard because, for the first time since my association with the range began, I had to take a number and wait for a port.  After forty minutes, my name was called and I proceeded to my port and readied myself.  Not sure what the reason, perhaps the wait, but, to my estimation, I was not having a very accurate session.  About half way through the hour, a young man who was waiting his turn at the port next to me was standing in a position giving him a view of my target downrange.  When I stepped back to change targets, he mentioned to me that I was a pretty good shot.  My reaction was appreciation but that I was actually having a bad day and was capable of doing much better.  So, I put up the fresh target and sent it downrange.  My next two shots were dead center in the ten ring.  Go figure!
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