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I was going through some of my stuff about a month ago and I came across something I wrote way back when I was sixteen.  Not only did I write it, but I typed each page in the approximate size of a paperback novel, bound the pages into a book and fashioned the cover by tracing the depiction of a fist fight and filling in the background to coincide with a scene in the book.  Do you think, even back then, I wanted to be a writer?  I found the writing itself to be, well, let just say it was rudimentary.  Remember, I was sixteen at the time.  But, as I leafed through the yellowed pages, I was kind of impressed that the storyline was not that bad.  Not blowing my own horn or anything like that, but it had possibilities.  There was enough there to convince me that this would be my next endeavor.  So, I'm rewriting this story, changing it a bit and adding a few touches that should make it more engrossing.  It's almost finished and I'm hoping that it's my best effort yet.  I hope you agree.  Watch for "The Silent Weapon", coming soon.  Until next time, all the best of this holiday season to everyone.

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